Can't we all just get along: Private Warcraft server edition.

>> Monday, September 10, 2012

So as you all know, I play World of Warcraft on a couple of different free private servers. I play on a Blizzlike Burning Crusade server (, on a Cataclysm server ( and on a classic/vanilla WoW server ( These are all very fun places to play with all different types of players. Only problem is, apparently, we can't all just get along.

The Classic WoW server I play on has been under attack for about a week now.  Their servers have been up and down and it's been a fight to get them stable for everyone to play. The attackers aren't hacking or anything of that nature. No, they are doing something far more sinister, they are flooding the system with new accounts, causing everything to crash. This is something that they don't have a way to block where they are. Luckily, they are moving to a place that they will be able to stop this attack and allow the rest of us to actually play the game.

I just don't understand the need or want to do such a thing.  Look, If you have a problem with the server you are on, just stop playing there. If you have the need to attack something, make your efforts far more useful and attack something that SHOULD be attacked, like the pentagon (I'm just kidding, don't attack the pentagon.  If you guys are reading this, please don't come and arrest me. I'm just kidding.). If you really have a problem with the way other sites run things....go start one yourself, it's really not that hard to do.

But seriously, lets all try to just get along in the realm of private servers and have some fun.

Until next time....Game On!


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