It would seem that ALL of WoW is under attack.....wait a minute.........

>> Friday, September 14, 2012

Ok, so yes, it seems that all of World of Warcraft is under attack......all of the private servers that is. Funny how it would seem that other gaming private servers seems to be fine from this mass of attacks of private servers.  So far at least it is only WoW private servers, and it seems to be hitting all of them. It started about 3 weeks ago and has been spreading like wildfire. Now wait a minute.  Isn't WoW:MoP (World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia) launching this month? And someone seems to be trying to take out all of the free private wow servers?  Smells pretty damn fishy to me.

Personally, I think that Blizzard has gone all passive-aggressive on us and is trying to, at least temporarily, take out the competition before the launch of it's newest expansion for WoW.  If that is the case, I wish that Blizzard would wise up and realize that those that play on free servers, some of them do have retail accounts and will in fact be playing MoP. And those that are not playing on retail servers, will not be playing on them just because of a new expansion. The lines are pretty much drawn and attacking the private servers isn't going to get people to play to play. We are far more patient then they give us credit for. I've already seen several servers been "put out of commission" just to be back up and running 4 days later.  Now I hope that I'm wrong about it being Blizzard because that would look really bad if it got back that it was them in some way. They are already dealing with bad press with the whole screenshot embedded information thing. Plus they have been losing players for awhile now.  If this turns out to be them, I think it would be a bigger hit to them then they might think.

With all that being said, if you play on a private server, don't give up. You site will be back up and running soon if it's down. If it hasn't happened to yours yet, it probably will soon so just be ready for it. Remember, you account will still be there when the server you play on comes back online. It'll just mean you have to play a bit longer to get get rid of the shakes from not playing faster, lol.

Will, until next time...Game On!


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