World of Wacraft: Mists of Pandaria - Exploiting....Already?

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So just 4 hours after Europe gets Mists of Pandaria we got our first lvl90......really?!?! Ok, I get wanting to get a world first achievement, but to spend the first 4 hours of a new xpac pushing like crast to get to 90 is, in my opinion, well....crazy

So how did he do it? Super fast questing? Amazing dungeon running? Magic wand? No, no and no. It was an exploit and the use of a hack tool that can been seen ON THE VIDEO HE POSTED!!! Why would you post a video like that and brag about it?  That character should be nominated for a Darwin Award!

And of course, with all the buzz over it, Blizzard caught word and investigated and.....busted him back down to lvl87. I personally think he got off light. I think that since it clearly goes against the ToS he should have been rolled back to 85. After all, people have used exploits in the past and Blizzard always busts out

Hammer of Justice and starts pwning the noobs.

So I guess now we get to just sit back and wait to see if someone else finds an exploit and then goes and brags about it, lol.  Until then....Game on!

Room has it that the "Darwin Award" winner has infact has now also been hit with the Blizzard Ban-hammer. I'll post here as soon as I find out for certain.


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