Star Wars: The Old Republic - Can it survive to F2P?

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SW:TOR has been suffering a lot in its short life. Mass exodus of players, complaints about lack of content and other problems have really begun to take its toll on the game. Now, to boost server populations, they have moved people to other servers and have shut down about 75% of their servers. So with all these things happening within the games first year, I keep asking myself "will Star Wars:The Old Republic make it until it's subscription change to free to play (F2P)/pay to play (P2P) in November?"

So I put it to you, my readers. What do you think?

Will Star Wars: The Old Republic make it to its F2P/P2P change in November? free polls 

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World of Wacraft: Mists of Pandaria - Exploiting....Already?

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2012

So just 4 hours after Europe gets Mists of Pandaria we got our first lvl90......really?!?! Ok, I get wanting to get a world first achievement, but to spend the first 4 hours of a new xpac pushing like crast to get to 90 is, in my opinion, well....crazy

So how did he do it? Super fast questing? Amazing dungeon running? Magic wand? No, no and no. It was an exploit and the use of a hack tool that can been seen ON THE VIDEO HE POSTED!!! Why would you post a video like that and brag about it?  That character should be nominated for a Darwin Award!

And of course, with all the buzz over it, Blizzard caught word and investigated and.....busted him back down to lvl87. I personally think he got off light. I think that since it clearly goes against the ToS he should have been rolled back to 85. After all, people have used exploits in the past and Blizzard always busts out

Hammer of Justice and starts pwning the noobs.

So I guess now we get to just sit back and wait to see if someone else finds an exploit and then goes and brags about it, lol.  Until then....Game on!

Room has it that the "Darwin Award" winner has infact has now also been hit with the Blizzard Ban-hammer. I'll post here as soon as I find out for certain.
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A look back at Warcraft pre-expansion events.

>> Monday, September 24, 2012

So tonight is the big night for WoW players.  World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria launches at midnight tonight. Lets take a moment and look back at the past expansions and their pre-release events.

Debated as one of, if not the best expansion that Blizzard ever released for WoW. This incarnation brought us the Burning Legion in full force. We took the fight to them after the pre-release event had the Burning Legion flooding through the Dark Portal in to Azeroth to attack everything.  Demons flooding in to major cities to reek destruction and havok. It was pretty epic to be there.  The fighting of demons at the Dark Portal itself, both horde and alliance fighting them off was a very big event. Even the "random" spawning of Highlord Kruul in spots around Azeroth was very menacing.  Then came the unforseeable.....servers crashing. The only real down part of those days was that doing big events of that nature were not really a "happens all the time" kind of thing.  Blizzard was still learning how to manage server loads for events like this and there were times that before the launch and even after the launch, servers would be down for hours, sometimes up to 24 hours. But over time things levels off and became more stable and we began to have even more fun with the new expansion.  Below are some videos of the pre-burning crusade events.

BC event 1
BC event 2
BC event 3
BC event 4

This expansion changed a lot of things in the game.  It gave us a new harbour for Storwind, which seemed to be the perfect place to have one of the major pre-wrath launch events. This pre-launch event was tons of fun for some, and a HUGE P.I.T.A. for others.  Ghouls would show up in random spots around the world and if you attacked them and waited long enough, you would become infected. After being infected for a certain amount of time, you would explode and become a ghoul yourself.  You could then go out and kill any npc or player you could and if you got in to a big group, you could even explode and infect everyone around you. This upset some people since you could kill vendors too and would just slow things down for them. I thought it was perfect. It was annoying, inconvienent and just a giant pain and gave you a real feeling for the pain that was coming. But once you relaxed and enjoyed the event, it was really pretty fun to get a group of friends together and go in to Lakeshire and infect every single thing there.....not that I did that or anything, lol. There were also accropolis attacks would the world that would cause you to have to fight badass ghouls in places like Tanaris and send the accropolis' packing. It all can down to massive scourge attacks in some of the major cities. I don't mean ghouls or zombies. But also contructs (like Patchwerk from Naxx), and Frostwryms, pretty epic indeed. The servers were far more stable for this event showing that Blizzard had infact learned from last time. All in all, a good event. Below are some videos of the pre-wrath of the lich king events.

WOTLK event 1
WOTLK event 2

Not much to really be said here.  Well, imho, this was a rather big let down. The pre-launch events were a series of quests that gave you a little bit of information about the fact that doom itself was coming to the world. Problem was that they were spread out over serveral days and each one only took a few mins to complete. Some random earthquakes and elemental attacks happening around the world from time to time and some odd objects appearing in major cities was really about all there was to the event before the "big showdown" happened. The earth would quake and elementals would spawn in different sections of the major cities and players had to clear them out within a certain amount of time to be able to open a 5-man boss portal to get some epic gear, which was nice. Problem was that if you were in a city that had portals that you wanted gear out of and most people didn't, you would never be able to kill enough elementals to be able to get the portal opened up. Soon people began to stop fighting off the elementals and the entire event kind of died. Servers were very stable most of the time, although there was some down time on some of the server. I still feel that it was a really big let down.  Below are some videos of the pre-cataclysm events.


And I won't go in to the pre-Mists of Pandaria events all know them since you just did them, lol. If you played through the past events, you probably look back with good memories about them. If you didn't get a chance to be missed out on one hell of a party!  Well, enjoy your time playing WoW:MoP and until next time....Game On!

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It would seem that ALL of WoW is under attack.....wait a minute.........

>> Friday, September 14, 2012

Ok, so yes, it seems that all of World of Warcraft is under attack......all of the private servers that is. Funny how it would seem that other gaming private servers seems to be fine from this mass of attacks of private servers.  So far at least it is only WoW private servers, and it seems to be hitting all of them. It started about 3 weeks ago and has been spreading like wildfire. Now wait a minute.  Isn't WoW:MoP (World of Warcraft: Mists of Panderia) launching this month? And someone seems to be trying to take out all of the free private wow servers?  Smells pretty damn fishy to me.

Personally, I think that Blizzard has gone all passive-aggressive on us and is trying to, at least temporarily, take out the competition before the launch of it's newest expansion for WoW.  If that is the case, I wish that Blizzard would wise up and realize that those that play on free servers, some of them do have retail accounts and will in fact be playing MoP. And those that are not playing on retail servers, will not be playing on them just because of a new expansion. The lines are pretty much drawn and attacking the private servers isn't going to get people to play to play. We are far more patient then they give us credit for. I've already seen several servers been "put out of commission" just to be back up and running 4 days later.  Now I hope that I'm wrong about it being Blizzard because that would look really bad if it got back that it was them in some way. They are already dealing with bad press with the whole screenshot embedded information thing. Plus they have been losing players for awhile now.  If this turns out to be them, I think it would be a bigger hit to them then they might think.

With all that being said, if you play on a private server, don't give up. You site will be back up and running soon if it's down. If it hasn't happened to yours yet, it probably will soon so just be ready for it. Remember, you account will still be there when the server you play on comes back online. It'll just mean you have to play a bit longer to get get rid of the shakes from not playing faster, lol.

Will, until next time...Game On!
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Can't we all just get along: Private Warcraft server edition.

>> Monday, September 10, 2012

So as you all know, I play World of Warcraft on a couple of different free private servers. I play on a Blizzlike Burning Crusade server (, on a Cataclysm server ( and on a classic/vanilla WoW server ( These are all very fun places to play with all different types of players. Only problem is, apparently, we can't all just get along.

The Classic WoW server I play on has been under attack for about a week now.  Their servers have been up and down and it's been a fight to get them stable for everyone to play. The attackers aren't hacking or anything of that nature. No, they are doing something far more sinister, they are flooding the system with new accounts, causing everything to crash. This is something that they don't have a way to block where they are. Luckily, they are moving to a place that they will be able to stop this attack and allow the rest of us to actually play the game.

I just don't understand the need or want to do such a thing.  Look, If you have a problem with the server you are on, just stop playing there. If you have the need to attack something, make your efforts far more useful and attack something that SHOULD be attacked, like the pentagon (I'm just kidding, don't attack the pentagon.  If you guys are reading this, please don't come and arrest me. I'm just kidding.). If you really have a problem with the way other sites run things....go start one yourself, it's really not that hard to do.

But seriously, lets all try to just get along in the realm of private servers and have some fun.

Until next time....Game On!
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What will happen to Guild Wars when GW2 launches?

>> Sunday, August 5, 2012

This is a question that many of us still playing Guild Wars are asking both ourselves and those ingame. There is a genuine concern for the possible drop in server population once Guild Wars 2 goes live. I don't think that the population will totally disappear, but I do think that saying that there will not be a noticeable difference is naive at best. Now they have come out and said that there will still be new content and events going on in the future for the original Guild Wars while they are still doing GW2. As one that can't afford to pick up any new game in the near future due to lack of available funds, it is nice to see that the game I'm currently playing does infact have a future.

A little bit to know about Guild Wars future:
The development team at ArenaNet realized, at the time they started work on the fourth Guild Wars campaign, that there were so many things they wanted to do but couldn't fit into the existing game. They decided that making Guild Wars 2 was the best way for them to do what they wanted to the game.

Can I keep on playing Guild Wars?
Yes. ArenaNet has stated that the Guild Wars servers will stay open after GW2 is released. There will continue to be special events and patches for players who stay playing Guild Wars.

Are there going to be any more expansions for Guild Wars?
ArenaNet has already released some small expansions that help bridge the gap in the story between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2; these do not require purchase to access. A third storyline has been plotted for development. Full, purchasable expansions haven't been entirely ruled out, but they seem unlikely. If they are created, it will not happen until after the release of Guild Wars 2

Can I transfer a Guild Wars character to Guild Wars 2?
No, character transfers between the games are not possible. However, you can reserve your existing Guild Wars character names for use in Guild Wars 2.

So at the very least, we do know that we will be able to enjoy our current incarnation, but the real concern is, will people come back to still play GW while still playing GW2. I think that the answer will be yes, and for a rather simple reason. Unlike many MMOs, there is no monthly fee to play, so you can freely play both games without any financial strain, which is why many people end up leaving a game in the first place. I will keep an update here as the game goes on after GW2s launch. So until then....Game On!
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Wizard 101: Is it really just for kids?

>> Saturday, August 4, 2012

Put, it's not.  Although the game looks very child-like in appearance, the game does have quite a bit going for it. It take a lot of pieces from games and blends them in to an mmo that anyone can play and have fun with. The fighting style is that of a card game such as Pokemon.

Each person or enemy takes it's turn to attack or heal. You have a health and a mana globe that you have to watch carefully since you do not have an endless supply of either.  When you find yourself low on health or mana, you can either fund little sprites that will restore your levels slowly as you "capture" them or you can go to a fairgrounds like place and by playing mini games, you fill up your levels again. Simply put, the game is designed to be fun and not for the hardcore player at all. I was a bit hesitant to play when my 8yr old godson asked me to play with him.  But I downloaded it anyway and started running around with him. As he showed me more of the stuff, I saw first hand that this game actually has some depth to it. I still really only play the game with him, but if you are looking for a mmo style game that you can just play with very little pressure or stresses, this is your game. I recommend you try it, you might just be surprised to catch yourself enjoying it.

Until my next post....Game On!
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SWTOR: Will F2P have good features for the free players too?

>> Thursday, August 2, 2012

So we have been given a little bit more information about what the limitations will be for F2P players that want to play SWTOR.

Story Content
Players can play their full class stories from levels 1 to 50.

Character Creation Choices
Some character creation options, such as species, are limited to subscribers.

Free-to-Play members will have limited weekly access to Warzones.

Free-to-Play members will have limited weekly access to Flashpoints.

Space Missions
Free-to-Play members will have a weekly cap on Space Missions.

Only subscription members can access Operations.

Travel Features
Subscription members have access to all travel functionality, making getting around the world easier.

Game Login
Subscription members will always be in login queues ahead of free players.

Galactic Trade Network
Subscription members can post up to 50 auctions for sale. (free player limitations not known yet)

Although I do agree with most of this as being a good idea, I don't agree with operations for paying players only. Operations should be available to ANY player....for a price. Make a key, much like the old WoW burning crusade heroic keys. Purchase 1 key at the F2P launch that will give you access to all of the past operations and from that point on, a purchasable key for every operation that comes out after that. I also think that those of us that might have stopped playing for awhile but have had very active subscriptions in the past, and are getting the coins for those past months, should be able to buy the key for those past operations for a VERY discounted price (coin price) as a "thank you for coming back" sort of thing.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out and what will really be in the game once November gets here and the F2P launches.
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Star Wars: The Old Republic - Is level 15 really high enough?

>> Wednesday, August 1, 2012

That is the question I keep asking myself over and over. At level 15, you are just barely getting in to your characters storyline. In my opinion, that's not really enough to really get a good feel for what the game really has to offer. You are just barely getting past selecting your advanced class spec.

I think that level20 or 25 would be better at getting more people to buy the full version account, and here's why I think that...

  •  By level 25 you are now getting deeper in to your characters storyline to the point of wanting to know what is next for that character. Much like watching a suspense movie and 1/2 way through, you have to decide if you wanna watch the rest of the movie.
  •  At level 25, the game gets a bigger boost to it's fun factor because you don't have to walk everywhere anymore, you get your first speeder. Anyone that has ever played an mmo in the past can tell you that it really changes the game when it doesn't take forever to walk somewhere.
  • By level 20 and 25, you not only have your ship, but you have unlocked some of the space missions. This is yet another aspect of the game you really don't get a good chance to check out in the current level 15 limit.
  • By level 20 and 25, if you enjoy PvP, you get a big boost to the enjoyment of the warzones. You can get your first PvP set at level 20 and by level 25, you have some nice abilities to match your PvP gear to allow for a good deal more fun.

Now, I do understand that there are people that do not care about character storyline or plots. But by level 25, you have given those players enough of a taste of EVERY aspect of the game (warzones, speeders, more planets to quest on via personal starship, PvP gear, ect.) to really get them hook to the point of getting a full subscription to the game.

Remember, this is just my opinion. Although I do always welcome comments about my posts, whether they are pro or con my point, but please remember that this is not fact when commenting.  Until my next post....Game On!

UPDATE: This just released by Activision...

STAR WARS®: The Old Republic™ will move to a more accessible two-tiered pricing
model in November. Players can chose between a $14.99 premium monthly
subscription and a free-to-play model with some restrictions on content and advanced
features. Players will be able to purchase upgrades with in-game currency.
So this does somewhat prove my point, although I am among though that are saddened by the fact that it didn't even last a year before it went free-to-play.

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Living in BC times again!

So lately, WoW has just been missing something to me. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I finally did. I miss the REAL challenge that you had but in the Burning Crusade. I miss the attunments you needed to do in order to actually be able to get in to a raid. I miss the real risk of being killed by mobs that were only 4 levels higher than you were. I miss the real need to work together in a dungeon or raid group. The fact that you couldn't really carry people through stuff like you can now. It has just become a little bit.....boring.  Well, after a lot of searching, I have found the answer to all of my problems...private servers. I now play on a private server that only goes up to patch 2.4.3. So the best you can hope for in content is to get in to Sunwell Plateau, which is still an amazing place in my book.

It's also amazing to see the fact that the server has that sense of community that you actually had back then too. There are no cross server BGs, raids, dungeons, nothing. You use the old LFG where you say what you are looking to run and people looking to fill spots see you and invite you to their group, or you ask in chat about a run you want to do. One advantage that the server does have though is cross faction stuff. You can run dungeons and raids with members of the opposing faction. This I think is amazing and actually brings the server a little bit closer together, there by making the game a bit more fun.

And unlike a lot of private servers, there are no HUGE XP, honor, reputation or gold buffs. you get about what you would have gotten back when BC was current content. I'm telling you, if you long for those days again, there is nothing better then seeing in chat "LFM 1healer, 2dps for SSC then g2g".

And until my next post...Game on!
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Who is this guy?

I thought I'd start off my first post on this new blog with a little background about myself as a gamer. I have been playing RPGs since the mid 1980s with Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior on the original Nintendo. I've always loved games, but RPGs were my favorite by far. Then my life started down a path that would change the way I game forever. While I was dating my now wife, she introduced me to Warcraft 2. I instantly went crazy for it. Although it was move of a strategy game, I loved the characters in it. With my eyes open to Warcraft, I saw a game in a Best Buy while I was buying some CD or something....World of Warcraft! I went home that day and looked it up and "OMG...THERE'S A FREE TRIAL!!!"  2 days in to my 14 day free trial, my wife and I decided we needed to buy this game. 2 WoW accounts later and life has never been the same, lol. I've played and/or still do play serveral other MMORPGs including Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Although I do enjoy other MMOs, I seem to always come back to World of Warcraft. I had played it since just before Burning Crusade launched. I lead a guild and a raid team that from Karazhan to Blackwing Decent and everything in between.

After over 6 years of playing, the change in players mentality and play styles caused me to decide to leave WoW. I moved on to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which I stated playing during the beta. Very good game and yet, after only about 6 months, I found myself going back to play WoW as well. My wife and I still enjoy playing SW:TOR and WoW mainly and I have even got my godson in to MMOs.  So that is just a little bit about me and my gaming background. I'm sure there will be more insights in coming posts, lol. So until my next on!
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