Living in BC times again!

>> Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So lately, WoW has just been missing something to me. It took me awhile to figure it out, but I finally did. I miss the REAL challenge that you had but in the Burning Crusade. I miss the attunments you needed to do in order to actually be able to get in to a raid. I miss the real risk of being killed by mobs that were only 4 levels higher than you were. I miss the real need to work together in a dungeon or raid group. The fact that you couldn't really carry people through stuff like you can now. It has just become a little bit.....boring.  Well, after a lot of searching, I have found the answer to all of my problems...private servers. I now play on a private server that only goes up to patch 2.4.3. So the best you can hope for in content is to get in to Sunwell Plateau, which is still an amazing place in my book.

It's also amazing to see the fact that the server has that sense of community that you actually had back then too. There are no cross server BGs, raids, dungeons, nothing. You use the old LFG where you say what you are looking to run and people looking to fill spots see you and invite you to their group, or you ask in chat about a run you want to do. One advantage that the server does have though is cross faction stuff. You can run dungeons and raids with members of the opposing faction. This I think is amazing and actually brings the server a little bit closer together, there by making the game a bit more fun.

And unlike a lot of private servers, there are no HUGE XP, honor, reputation or gold buffs. you get about what you would have gotten back when BC was current content. I'm telling you, if you long for those days again, there is nothing better then seeing in chat "LFM 1healer, 2dps for SSC then g2g".

And until my next post...Game on!


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