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>> Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I thought I'd start off my first post on this new blog with a little background about myself as a gamer. I have been playing RPGs since the mid 1980s with Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior on the original Nintendo. I've always loved games, but RPGs were my favorite by far. Then my life started down a path that would change the way I game forever. While I was dating my now wife, she introduced me to Warcraft 2. I instantly went crazy for it. Although it was move of a strategy game, I loved the characters in it. With my eyes open to Warcraft, I saw a game in a Best Buy while I was buying some CD or something....World of Warcraft! I went home that day and looked it up and "OMG...THERE'S A FREE TRIAL!!!"  2 days in to my 14 day free trial, my wife and I decided we needed to buy this game. 2 WoW accounts later and life has never been the same, lol. I've played and/or still do play serveral other MMORPGs including Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Trek Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online. Although I do enjoy other MMOs, I seem to always come back to World of Warcraft. I had played it since just before Burning Crusade launched. I lead a guild and a raid team that from Karazhan to Blackwing Decent and everything in between.

After over 6 years of playing, the change in players mentality and play styles caused me to decide to leave WoW. I moved on to Star Wars: The Old Republic, which I stated playing during the beta. Very good game and yet, after only about 6 months, I found myself going back to play WoW as well. My wife and I still enjoy playing SW:TOR and WoW mainly and I have even got my godson in to MMOs.  So that is just a little bit about me and my gaming background. I'm sure there will be more insights in coming posts, lol. So until my next post....game on!


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