Wizard 101: Is it really just for kids?

>> Saturday, August 4, 2012

Put simply...no, it's not.  Although the game looks very child-like in appearance, the game does have quite a bit going for it. It take a lot of pieces from games and blends them in to an mmo that anyone can play and have fun with. The fighting style is that of a card game such as Pokemon.

Each person or enemy takes it's turn to attack or heal. You have a health and a mana globe that you have to watch carefully since you do not have an endless supply of either.  When you find yourself low on health or mana, you can either fund little sprites that will restore your levels slowly as you "capture" them or you can go to a fairgrounds like place and by playing mini games, you fill up your levels again. Simply put, the game is designed to be fun and not for the hardcore player at all. I was a bit hesitant to play when my 8yr old godson asked me to play with him.  But I downloaded it anyway and started running around with him. As he showed me more of the stuff, I saw first hand that this game actually has some depth to it. I still really only play the game with him, but if you are looking for a mmo style game that you can just play with very little pressure or stresses, this is your game. I recommend you try it, you might just be surprised to catch yourself enjoying it.

Until my next post....Game On!


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