SWTOR: Will F2P have good features for the free players too?

>> Thursday, August 2, 2012

So we have been given a little bit more information about what the limitations will be for F2P players that want to play SWTOR.

Story Content
Players can play their full class stories from levels 1 to 50.

Character Creation Choices
Some character creation options, such as species, are limited to subscribers.

Free-to-Play members will have limited weekly access to Warzones.

Free-to-Play members will have limited weekly access to Flashpoints.

Space Missions
Free-to-Play members will have a weekly cap on Space Missions.

Only subscription members can access Operations.

Travel Features
Subscription members have access to all travel functionality, making getting around the world easier.

Game Login
Subscription members will always be in login queues ahead of free players.

Galactic Trade Network
Subscription members can post up to 50 auctions for sale. (free player limitations not known yet)

Although I do agree with most of this as being a good idea, I don't agree with operations for paying players only. Operations should be available to ANY player....for a price. Make a key, much like the old WoW burning crusade heroic keys. Purchase 1 key at the F2P launch that will give you access to all of the past operations and from that point on, a purchasable key for every operation that comes out after that. I also think that those of us that might have stopped playing for awhile but have had very active subscriptions in the past, and are getting the coins for those past months, should be able to buy the key for those past operations for a VERY discounted price (coin price) as a "thank you for coming back" sort of thing.

If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out and what will really be in the game once November gets here and the F2P launches.


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